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"You just have to see it in person. Visit the store."
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We believe in creating a new dimension for souvenir sales. Our local artists breathe soul into every product enabling you to experience the stories and traditions of true craft production…

Local Artists follows Golden Circles concept. To know our philosofy, have a look what´s our WHY HOW and WHAT


Local Artists vracejí tradiční česká řemesla na Královskou cestu a kultivují trh se suvenýry


Spleť monotónních obchodů s kýčovitými suvenýry na pražské Královské cestě oživil před rokem malý obchůdek Local Artists se sortimentem suvenýrů od čtyřicítky výhradně českých, menších i větších dodavatelů.

Local Artists: Ambassadors of Czech Culture


Millions of people come to visit the land of free-spirited Bohemians and many want to keep a part of it forever. Unfortunately it's common to find the same generic ‘made in China’ souvenirs around the city, often sold alongside Russian hats that are insensitively decorated with a hammer and sickle. This is why Local Artists...


How to Get More out of Your Trip to Prague 


Guidilo and Local Artists are two newly opened companies that were born out of passion for the tourism industry but with the goal of doing things a little differently.

Local Artists opened


The sales gallery of the Local Artists brand aims to become a tasteful counter to the existing ordinary souvenir stores in the center of Prague.


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We believe our people are one of the key aspects of a good shop. Just come and try us. We are happy to help and tell you the "story". 


Interested in working with us? Send us your CV: info@localartists.cz.