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Miroslav Chytil

…well recognized under the nickname Shaman Spálovský, he early discovered his passion for blacksmithing. How? Mr. Chytil enjoyed crafting rings and earrings, his girlfriends enjoyed wearing them. Later by selling products on local markets he started a business with a metal jewelry. At present, Mr. Chytil runs his own metal production in a small village Spálov.

Godla & company

The origin of this art connects to Jablonec region. Since 1800 the production of metal jewellery here expanded with growing popularity of new techniques and patterns. Going through historical milestones, these metals were later used even for a German war effort for marking the affiliance. After all, the art smithing has persisted in certain regions to these days as a jewellery art.



…calling himself “Djáteník z Krkonoš” is a local tinker representing the traditional craft of northern Czech regions. Mr. Herčík designs useful items out of various metals. Passionate about wire art his aim is to make people happy. That´s why he focuses on positive motives. Not only rings and bracelets, but also wire angels, bees or candles handlers and many more.  "100% hand made products” is the label he operates under. 

Tomáš Herčík


This style of art is characterized by applying artistic designs to everyday objects.

Art Nouveau flourished in late 19th century. Czechs are proud to call their artist Alfons Mucha “the biggest decorative artist of this time”. 

Alfons Mucha design and inspiration