Here you will find the abbreviated information from General Terms and Conditions (GTC) regarding withdrawal from the contract, refund options or complaints. For full GTC please click here. The text below shows, how you can procees in case if you want to exercise your right to one of the options listed.


Considering online purchase, you as a customer have the right to withdraw from the joint purchase agreemenr and return the product within 14 days after receiving. This option does not apply to the customer who is a business subject. The procedure for returning the goods ia as follows:

1. Send us an email

Please, send us an email on Email must contain the following points:

  • customer’s contact information
  • invoice naumber
  • list of goods to be returned
  • reason for returning the goods
  • information on mailing the goods (shipping method/shipping time)
  • number of bank account where the money should be returned

2. Return of the goods to the seller (LOCAL ARTISTS stock)

 After confirmning your request on return of the goods by email, please, mark the parcel with the invoice number ans send it to the following address:

Národní obrany 16
160 00 Praha 6

Shipping costs must be covered by the customer.

3. Refund to the buyer (refund of your payment)

After we receive the goods we will check it properly. If the goods are fine, we will return the amount in regards to the value of the returned product/products to your bank account within 14 days after receiving the goods. Refunds do not apply to shipping cost.

Note: In the case if receive the returned goods damaged; we will inform you about it by sending photo proof. In this case, we have the right to refuse your withdrawal from contract.

You can return the goods personally to our main stock at Národní obrany 16, Praha 6 during working days from 8:00 till 15:00 upon agreement.


All goods are covered by a 24-month warranty. If you have purchased the goods as a bussiness subject than the warranty is 12 months. In the case of food and cosmetic products, the warranty is also up to the expiry date.

The reclaim does not apply towards the damage or defects that arise from demonstrably inccorect usage, disregard of the directions of use or other incorrect actions of the customer; for defects that arise from the usage of the goods or for defects that arise from the usage of the goods after the expiration date; defects caused by natural disasters.

If you want to reclaim your order, please, follow the instructions:

1. Send us an email with the following information

Please, send us an email on Email must contain the following points:

  • customer’s contact information
  • photo or scan of the invoice
  • list of goods to be claimed
  • reason of complaint, description of damage
  • photos of the damaged products from several angles, or video if the problem is mechanical

2. Following of your email

In the light of the nature of the product and it’s defects, we will suggest whether and which of the following options for resolving the complaint we can offer:

  1. elimination of the defect by delivery of a new product without defect or by delivery of a missing item.
  2. elimination of the defect by repairing the item.
  3. a reasonable discount from the product’s price
  4. withdrawal from the contract and refund of product’s cost without the amount intended for shipping.

 3. Your decision and finalization

When you let us know which of the following possible options better suits you, we will agree on the fastest way of implementation. However, if do not contact us within 15 working days after our proposal, we will consider the complaint process terminated from your side.


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