Almonds in dark chocolate with cocoa, 200g

How does Prague taste? Like Prague chocolate. These almonds in dark chocolate & cocoa offer new view on chocolate goodies. Don't hesitate to try it. More

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Almonds in dark chocolate with cocoa, 200g

Dry-roasted almonds from California in dark chocolate and cocoa powder are dedicated to dark chocolate lovers. Brings forward full taste of cocoa as elemental ingredient.

Ingredients: dark chocolate (min. 70 %): cocoa solids min. 53 %, (cocoa mass, sugar, cocoa butter, emulsifier: soya lecithin, aroma: natural vanilla, emulsifier E476), roasted almonds (min. 17 %), cocoa powder (min. 0,7  %). May contain peanuts and nuts. Handmade in Czech Republic. This product is gluten free.

The product is discounted due to its expiration (minimum shelf life) in the months 12/2020.

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Check out also other delicious almonds in dark or milk chocolate. You can try symbiosis with cinnamon or ginger.


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