Apple baker

Handmade ceramic apple baker coming from a workshop with over 200 years of experience More

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Apple baker

Treat yourself or a loved one with this unique apple baker. No need for an oven or a microwave, you can bake your apple right in with the help of a tea light candle. First, peel your apple and core it. Then dice it into small pieces and put them into the upper half of the baker. Add any extras you like - raisins, cinnamon and nuts work well - and cover it. Light a candle and place it in the lower part of the piece and within 20 minutes your house will smell of (apple) heaven :)

This apple baker is handmade using a double firing process at 1140 to 1160 degrees Celsius. Moreover, the glaze used is produced using the artists’ unique recipe. This glaze recipe, and all other magic, comes from a family workshop with a pottery tradition of over 200 years.

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