Beeswax candle – round, 4cm

If you are a fan of natural components, our candles won't disappoint. It is carefully handmade in South Czechia by a talented beekeeper, who knows a thing about bees. In his candles beeswax comes in full beauty. More

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Beeswax candle – round, 4cm

Our talented beekeeper from South Czechia is busy as a bee, producing "honey candles" of top quality. Beeswax candles are a traditional product not only in Czech Republic, but also in Europe. Thanks to it beekeepers enjoy a special status. Sure enough your status is special when you have a chance to live next to forest and meadow, just like our beekeeper does. Don't you agree?

Our "honey candle" is handmade and has a round shape with a height of 7 cm. It is produced using only natural and top quality components right from the heart of South Bohemia.

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