Beeswax candle – square, 4cm

Have you ever had a feeling that you crave for something traditional, but packed in a modern shape? Our handmade "honey candles" from beeswax will definitely suit your taste. More

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Beeswax candle – square, 4cm

Beeswax candles are a traditional product with roots in ancient history. It was one of few sources of light and due the neutral smell (in the past candles were also made from animal fats which had a terrible odour) it was a very important production and also thanks to this, the bee keepers enjoyed a special status.

Even though a "honey candle" from beeswax is a traditional product, our candle has a modern shape. It is square and has a height of 7 cm. It is handmade from natural components.

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If square "honey candle" is not enough for you, you can always check our collection and find the shape fits your taste.


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