Bio shea butter - honey

Shea butter takes care about your face skin and the whole body. Let the nature help you to battle the aging process. More

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Bio shea butter - honey

Organic shea butter from Sportique will take care of your face skin and the skin of the whole body. Thanks to its delicate natural composition without added chemicals, the butter is very well tolerated by the most sensitive skin.

Butter actively regenerates, heals and protects the skin from dehydration and damage. Shea butter is rich in unsaturated fatty acids, vitamins and antioxidants, which together take care of all skin types, especially the dry and sensitive one. It softens the skin and at the same time keeps it elastic and eliminates the signs of premature aging. The nutrients easily penetrate into the skin, where they regenerate and strengthen the skin. The beneficial effects of shea butter will be appreciated especially by drier dehydrated skin prone to the formation of dry scales, but also damaged or irritated skin of the whole body. Butter is suitable not only as a body or massage cream, but also for local treatment of minor injuries, scars and insect bites.

Use: dissolve a small amount of butter in the palms of your hands and apply to the skin of the whole body and face.

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Check out our shea butter with the scent of lavender, jasmine, lemon and neutral.


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