Leather pouch, more colours - Colour: Beige

This handy leather pouch with loop could be described with the words "In simplicity lies the beauty". Treat yourself or your close ones with a unique handmade gift from Czech Republic. More

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Leather pouch

This handmade leather pouch comes from a family workshop in Moravia with many years of experience. This family couple creates unique handmade pieces from leather. They get inspired by traditional leather products from medieval times and add a modern touch to them. They even make their own dye!

This leather pouch is handmade from top quality materials. Thanks to the loop you can attach your pouch to the belt. To close you just pull the leather string on the top of the pouch. The pouch comes in variation of different colours, so you could choose the one that suits you best.


Each product is hand-made, thus it can slightly differ from the picture.


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