Mechanical Watch - Cathedral - Colour: White, Size (diameter): 48mm

Mechanical pocket watch with St. Vitus Cathedral motif will adorn every true gentleman or lady out there. More

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Mechanical Pocket Watch - St. Vitus Cathedral motif

Tasteful and useful gift from Prague Old Timer conveys pleasure of the world of clocks and watches. A fully functional replica of mechanical pocket watch gives future owners a chance to experience the wonder of the time long gone. The design of the watches is associated with jewels of Czech architecture and significant periods in history. The Cathedral Edition is inspired by the main window of St. Vitus Cathedral. Cathedral dates back to the 10th century and is the dominant part of the Prague Castle.

You need to press the button on top in order to open them. The time is set by pulling up the watch crown. The deviation of time does not exceed 2 min/12 hours. It should be winded up every 24 hours by turning the crown to the right until the resistance is felt. The watch is not water resistant. It has a 2 years warranty.


The chain is part of the watch. Don't forget to check other designs and get inspired. If you are interested in more than 50 pieces, please contact us by email.

Colour White, Black
Size (diameter) 34mm, 40mm, 48mm


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