Natural hair & body soap - juicy grape

Thanks to its natural ingredients, Sportique body soap with the scent of grape is a gentle helper to your skin and hair. More

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Natural hair & body soap - juicy grape

Sportique body soap with the scent of grape gently cares about your skin and hair. Natural ingredients based on vegetable surfactants guarantee effective washing of your skin and hair without drying or irritating effect. When in contact with water, they form a fine creamy foam, which effectively dissolves impurities. In combination with aloe vera juice, the skin is perfectly softened and remains supple to the touch.

Aloe vera juice has anti-inflammatory effects and not only soothes and refreshes the skin, but also brings hydration. Seaweed extract is rich in iron, zinc, magnesium, copper, silicon, algic acid and many vitamins and minerals. As a result, the extract not only softens, soothes and hydrates the skin, but it also provides a detoxification effect.

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