Notebook from elephant droppings

The notebook made from elephant droppings is an original gift free of unwanted olfactory accompaniment. More

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Notebook from elephant droppings

Suitable as a gift for loved ones or friends or as an exclusive exercise book for your ideas, notes or as a dream-book. The notebook is made in workshop of Lemniskata. It is a nongovernmental, non-profit organisation, which operates a sheltered workplace for people with, mental, physical and psychical disabilities. Their goal is to teach people to be socially sensitive and respect the individual needs of their fellows. By purchasing this product you support their important mission.

The format of the notebook is standard A5. The sheets are made of recycled paper. It contains a total of 13 sheets (26 pages). Elephant dung comes from Liberec zoo and paper is produced at the Papyrea family manufactory in Zdislav. The handmade production of paper ensures originality and certainty that you won't find identical notebooks.


Paper from animal droppings is clean, free of anything unhealthy, unattractive or smelly. :-)


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