Rice facial cream with coenzyme Q10, 50ml

The cream from the Czech brand with rice and evening primrose oil and coenzyme Q 10 is intended for sensitive, dry and mature skin. It is made with feeling and consistency. More

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Rice facial cream with coenzyme Q 10, 50ml

Coenzyme Q 10 is a natural component of the cells of the human body. Q 10 provides the body with energy production - it helps to convert the energy obtained from food into energy usable for our body (Q 10 provides up to 95% of the body's required energy). Q 10 intensively fights the destructive effects of free radicals - it neutralizes them and stabilizes cell membranes.

Rice oil is one of the vegetable oils with unique properties. It contains a large amount of fatty acids (46% oleic acid, 36% linoleic and 1% linolenic). A large amount of vitamin E gives the cream antioxidant effects and restores the skin to a youthful appearance. It prevents the process of pigmentation and melanin and also protects against sunlight. It has highly hydrating and regenerating effects. Rice oil also contains squalene, which cares for your skin and slows down the formation of wrinkles.

Evening primrose oil is one of the very rare oils and, thanks to its qualities, is also considered a food. Evening primrose is called the "female pill". It is a source of protective unsaturated fatty acids - most linoleic and gamma-linoleic acids, which have beneficial effects on our overall condition, including the quality and elasticity of the skin. Evening primrose oil smoothes wrinkles, counteracts inflammation of the eyelids and eye area and also has a very good effect on eczematous skin problems. Evening primrose oil is suitable for sensitive, dry and mature skin.

Squalene is an olive extract and has the same regenerative function as human cells.

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