Small set of pencils

When it comes to stationary, treat yourself with the best quality. This metal box is decorated with a retro Prague image and can follow you and your creativity anywhere. More

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Small set of pencils

If you're looking for top quality, you've found one. Koh-i-noor is one of the world leaders in the production and distribution of first-rate stationary for artists, schools and offices. Its products were awarded in many world exhibitions including New York, Paris and London. This metal box has unique touch, since it has a retro image of Prague on the cover. You can take anywhere and get inspired by your surroundings.

The metal box not only has a pretty classy retro picture on the cover, it also contains 6 black pencils of different hardness, specifically H, HB, 2H, 2B, 4H, 4B. Company uses all of the advanced technologies to offer customers the highest quality that is possible.


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To know and pass on knoweledge about product and its creator means to breathe life into it. Tell the story.


Products that represent Czech creativity. Traditional or modern? Here you will find both.

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On what we’re building on? 8 years of experience, 4 stores, 90 represented Czech artists.