Vinyl clock – 17.5cm

Are you a fan of retro, or maybe love fashion, or you're concerned about environment? There are many ways in which you can look at this vinyl clock. Moreover, by acquiring this product you help handicapped people, who help to produce it. More

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Vinyl clock – 17.5cm

This vinyl clock is made in Czechia and comes from a sheltered workshop in a part of the country called Moravia. By buying this product you not only make yourself or your close ones happy, you’re also using a product from a material that is otherwise really hard to recycle and you’ll also be supporting a social business that employs handicapped people. These people previously had a very hard to time to get a stable job and find something they like due to their physical or mental disabilities. This work makes them happy.

The clock is made from an old vinyl record. It has 17.5 cm diameter. It comes in a box with a little hook for hanging it. It will become an interesting and practical accessory for any room.


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