Wooden clapping giraffe

Do you think that Africa is too far away? Get your kid our wooden giraffe and they will clap their way to Africa together. It also bounces, which makes the process even more fun. More

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Wooden clapping giraffe

You may think that giraffes are too big to grab, but our wooden one can fit even in the smallest hands. Introducing the notion of mass objects, this wooden toy provides safe learning and playing environment. Our giraffe will help your kid to explore new things and shape his/her motor skills.

Savana can be dangerous, but our wooden giraffe is of high quality and made of safe materials. The quality of the toy can survive any smaller or bigger expedition taken by its little owner. These wooden toys are suitable for kids from 3 years old. The string is long approximately 65cm.

Our tip

Have a look at our "clapping" collection and grab your kid other wooden animals, so you could go on your home safari together.


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