Wooden Clapping mouse

Even though our wooden mouse doesn't go by name Mickey, it is enormous fun. Grab your kid our wooden pull-along toy, so he/she can get inspired. Who knows, maybe your kid will make a perfect ratatouille one day. More

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Wooden Clapping mouse

Just like Remy, the mouse from Ratatouille, is a pro in cooking, our wooden toy is a pro in creating safe learning and playing environment for your kid. It encourages children to move around house, exploring the environment, and develop their motor skills. You can't even imagine how fun it can get!

Get your kid a wooden mouse and it will become a favourite pet to play. It can clap and adorably bounces during the ride. Our wooden mouse not only has a tale, but also a string that is approximately 65 cm long. So, our wooden little pet can follow your kid anywhere. These wooden toys are suitable for kids from 3 years old.

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