Wooden Money Box Raven

Is it a rook, a crow or a raven? Hm, definitely something to discuss with your curious little explorer... More

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Wooden Money Box Raven

A raven with yellow beak? Yes! You may not see it in the wild but we made it possible for you with our Raven money box. This toy will happily encourage your kids’ fine motor skills development by inserting coins and pulling the Raven’s head to withdraw their “savings”.

And while parents are busy finding out the differences among those 3 birds, your kid can enjoy this Raven as a classic play figure with its movable head and arms. Made in Czech Republic, it’s been tested and approved by kids. This toy is intended for children over one year of age. The toy’s height is 17cm.

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Birds of the same feather flock together. Surely that also applies to wooden toys, right? Discover more below or head to the “Wooden” section under “Toys”.


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