Wooden pull-along crocodile

Same as a real dragon guards treasures, our wooden guy will guard your kid. Pull-along toys motivate children to move and help to shape their motor skills. Have fun! And, yes. One head is enough! More

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Wooden pull-along dragon cutie

Those wooden toys made in Czech Republic are making children in here and all around the world happy already for more than 15 years. Your kid will love to go on adventures having his little dragon-friend by his side.

In a spirit of true adventure, these wooden toys motivate young explorers to move and shape their motor skills. Fear not! The quality of the toy can survive any smaller or bigger quests taken by its little owner. These wooden toys are suitable for kids from 3 years old. The string is long approximately 65cm.

Our tip

If you go on adventure, it is better to do it in a team! Dog, crocodile, or giraffe can help your kid on his/her fun quest. Don’t miss the opportunity to get a new team member in your “pull-along” collection.


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